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Composite Cutting Board - 2pc Set - Large & Small

Composite Cutting Board - 2pc Set - Large & Small


At Barenthal, we believe in making every meal a fine dining experience from chef to table. That is why we offer fine, restaurant-quality kitchen tools and accessories like this 2-piece Composite Cutting Board Set. These cutting boards combine real wood - responsibly sourced in the USA - and resin to deliver durable, long-lasting non-porous boards that will change the way you prep food! Being non-porous, these Large and Medium boards resist stains and will not trap bacteria - making them safe for all types of foods! Each board has non-slip grips to prevent unwanted sliding providing a safer prep surface. The Barenthal Composite Boards are also reversible so you can cut one type of food and one side, and then flip it over to cut another food type helping to prevent cross-contamination. Each dishwasher safe board has built-in handles for easy handling and clean-up. The Large Board also has built-in juice grooves to help keep your countertops clean. This set contains 1 Large 10.75” x 14.5” Board; 1 Small 7.68” x 10.35” Board


  • Recycled wood and resin form a durable, eco-friendly composite that promises a long life.
  • Composite Cutting board is durable and knife-friendly, reversible, and heat resistant up to 350° F. (Can be used as a trivet as well!)
  • Anti-bacterial, non-porous boards resist stains and will not absorb odors.
  • Great extra features! Built-in handle for easy handling and hanging. Built-in grooves to catch juices and keep countertops clean. Can be used as a serving tray.
  • Dishwasher safe!



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  • NON-POROUS, ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE: The recycled wood and resin form a durable, eco-friendly composite wood that promises quality and a long life for each cutting board. Non-porous boards resist stains and will not absorb odors. Cutting boards are made with real wood responsibly sourced in the USA.
  • KNIFE FRIENDLY: Durable, reversible, & knife friendly! Both sides of Barenthal Cutting Boards can be used for cutting, chopping, or just serving your favorite charcuterie & cheese. The Eco-friendly wood fiber material is durable and kinder to cutlery and knives. Your knives will last longer cutting on this material than they would on regular wood, bamboo, plastic, or glass. 2-piece butcher block set -Large (10.75” x 14.5”) and Small (7.68” x 10.35”).
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE & JUICE GROOVES: Built-in handle for easy handling and hanging. Built-in juice grooves catch liquid and keep countertops free from food stains and sticky messes. Composite cutting boards provide dual function as a trivet to protect countertops from heat up to 350° F.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Fast and easy cleanup. Heat resistant up to 350° F and dishwasher safe. Non-porous board resists stains. Easily wipe up food and liquid that would leave unwanted stains on other types of cutting boards. Non-Slip silicone feet are easily removed for cleaning.
  • NON-SLIP & REVERSIBLE CUTTING SURFACE: Removable silicone feet in each corner prevent the board from slipping while cutting or chopping. These silicone feet allow the board to be used on both sides by keeping the board raised off the countertop. Keep your countertops clean and prep different food types on this reversible board by utilizing both sides of the cutting board!


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