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Nestled in the beautiful, hilly countryside of northeast France, the village of Barenthal was home to the creation of the finest flatware & cutlery in Europe.  Artists and skilled silversmiths came to this region to work for a small company whose name bore the city of its people, Barenthal. Out of this small French town, exquisite pieces of hand-crafted flatware and cutlery were created, and have adorned dining tables for generations.

From the traditional Laguiole inspired steak knives and flatware to intricately detailed pewter sets, our Barenthal legacy pieces have more than 150 years of tradition and craftsmanship that fine French flatware is known for. From traditional classics to elegant contemporary styles, Barenthal truly creates the art of the table.

Barenthal is sought after worldwide as some of the finest chef's kitchen tools & dining flatware on the market. It is our goal to transform your kitchen & dining experience into a work of art.

It is our pleasure to continue the Barenthal tradition as we expand from table to kitchen, with our new line of fine quality kitchen tools, accessories and flatware. When you're looking for fine flatware and kitchen accessories designed with beautiful aesthetics and reliable functionality, that bring panache and a certain savoir faire to your table, look to Barenthal and your table will be set for any occasion.

Why Choose Barenthal?

We turn any meal into a fine dining experience. Inspired by 150 years of French cutlery history and expertise, each flatware set is crafted by skilled artisans with the goal of enriching your table setting and mealtime.

We are also dedicated to providing every one of our customers with the highest level of support possible. Be assured that when you purchase a Barenthal product, our talented professionals stand behind it.

- Hand-crafted from high quality 18/10 stainless steel

- Each pattern is a work of art

- Ergonomically designed and well-balanced

- Durable and dependable for everyday use

- Elegant flatware for every occasion